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Xeroxed Eyelids and (Red) Girls

Tomorrow, I’m headed out to California for a little R&R (and drinks), so this post is sort of an “awesome things I’m going to hit up while in California for the next week” post. If you are in California, great (we’ll get drinks), if not… well…

First off, the Torrence Art Museum is hosting a Rich Jacobs curated show called “there is xerox on the insides of your eyelids.” It showcases the world of xerox art and skate zines from the 1980’s, featuring art and printed matters from the “original makers / xerox tweakers / stamp lickers / mail artists, and what they do now.” It’s been traveling for a bit, and all the photos have looked pretty insane, and I can only imagine the crew that will represent at the Torrence stop.

Since it’s impossible to pick highlights out of this bunch, I’m just throwing out this whole list. Arists include: Bruce Adams, James Alder, Gabs Bee, Rob Ben, Neil Blender, J. Grant Brittain, Brian Brannon, Rodger Bridges, Dana Bucket, Steve Caballero, Ron Cameron, Thomas Campbel, Phread Conrad, Gary Davis, Wes Dean, John Dettman-Lytle, Pete Diantoni, Phil E, Dan Estabrook, Phil Franklin, John Freeborn, Briant Hull, Donny Humes, Rich Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Chris Johanson, Spike Jonze, Tim Kerr, Randy Kliway, Christian Kline, Alberto Kroeger, Sussane Lapper, Bernie McGinn, Mofo, Lance Mountain, Herb Nauman, O, Corey and Gavin O’Brien, John Reed, Dennis Remsing, Brian Ridgeway, Salbug, Christ Shary, Jeremy Smith, Ray Stevens, Tod Swank, Ed Templeton, Randy ‘Biscuit’ Turner, Miki Vucovich, Adam Wallacavage, Bryan Wendzel, Jacko Weyland, Andrew Jefferey Wright, Tobin Yelland and many more…

The show is this weekend, with opening reception Saturday night at 6pm. Address and whatnot at the bottom of the post.

Secondly (and no less importantly), the following weekend, the crew from Girl are teaming up with Project (RED) for an art exhibition to help eliminate AIDS from Africa.

The show will feature Project (RED) inspired Girl wooden OGs from the likes of Evan Hecox, Andy Jenkins (hmm, I guess maybe I’m just covering Jenkins events here today), Christian Morin, Andy Mueller, friend and Lagmag contributor Michael Coleman, and a bunch more. There are also going to be some bonus stuff from Lance Bangs and a (RED) Special Edition deck premiere from Mike Carroll.

The show is at Andrew Shire Gallery on Wilshire, with the opening reception kicking off Saturday, July 31 at 7pm. Flyer and address info is below.

there is xerox on the insides of your eyelids
Saturday, July 24 – 6pm
The Torrance Art Museum
3320 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503

Girl & (RED) Art Exhibition
Saturday, July 31- 7pm
Andrew Shire Gallery
3850 Wilshire Blvd #107
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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