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Song of the Day: Robert Wyatt – Heaps of Sheeps

Well folks, I’m kicking off a new series here at Lagmag called “Song of the Day.” Chances are you’ve figured out the basic premise already, but I’m going to go ahead and talk it over anyhow.

From time to time, we’ll showcase a song (still with me?). It’ll be something we’ve recently discovered, rediscovered, enjoyed, or are generally obsessing over. It may not always be a new song, but it will always be a hot hit we think you, our beloved readers, should hear.

Robert Wyatt - Shleep

The first such post, features Heaps of Sheeps by Robert Wyatt. Wyatt was a founding member of  influential Canterbury band Soft Machine in the late 1960s, but by 1970, he had left the band and released his first solo record, The End of an Ear. He has released 10 (mostly) amazing solo records since, including most recently, the widely lauded Comicopera.

Heaps of Sheeps is the leadoff track on his 1997 solo record Shleep. It’s the only song on the record produced by Brian Eno, whose influence from both a production standpoint and synth work on the track is readily apparent. The track is phenomenal, not only because it leads off one of my favorite Wyatt records, but also as a perfect collaboration between two of my favorite musicians.

Robert Wyatt - Heaps of Sheeps

If you liked this track, go buy Shleep and many other Robert Wyatt records, it won’t be a decision you soon regret.

Three New Andy Kehoe Prints

Spirit Of Dead Forests by Andy Kehoe

The always fantastic Andy Kehoe released 3 new limited edition giclee prints late last week, and as per usual, they are both rad and affordable.

As a sweet double bonus, he announced his “Punch The Economy In The Balls” sale, dropping the prices on a handful of his older prints. So, for all interested parties, now seems to be the opportune time to head over to his Etsy shoppe and take a look around.

Additionally, those of you unable to secure a Kehoe original over the years, I suggest following Mr. Kehoe on the ol’ Twitter. He has been known to announce on-sales for new original paintings there as well, rewarding the quickest amongst you with a great chance to finally get your hands on your very own piece.

Oneohtrix Point Never Mixes it Up

Oneohtrix Point Never

Unless you don’t ever read about music, you’ve undoubtedly seen Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) written about pretty much everywhere the last few weeks. He has a new record out on Editions Mego, an Invisible Jukebox in the new issue of The WIRE, hell even Pitchfork has jumped on board with their signature brand of uh, praise.

Yes, Returnal is great, and I highly recommend checking it out if you like your soundscapes synth-heavy, off-kilter and occasionally bleak. But, it’s not what I’m selling today people. Lopatin recently contributed a mix to the FACT mix series, and it’s literally all I’ve been listening to for two days. I’m a huge fan of artist mixes, because I think hearing where musicians are coming from as listeners gives me a better context of where they are coming from as artists, and this one is no exception. In fact, I’ve actually enjoyed both Returnal and Rifts more after spending time with it.

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New Richard Colman at New Image Art

Richard Colman at New Image Art

Those of you reading this in LA are some lucky, lucky bastards. You have the opportunity to see some brand new Richard Colman work at New Image Art. The show,”Keep Out the Light,” is his first solo show in LA in like 3 years, and the preview shots are as insane as you’d expect. The show will feature new paintings, sculptures and even a few site specific installations… so seriously, you better fucking go. Show info and a more previews are below.

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The Collage Work of Jeffrey Meyer

We’ll, we’re kicking off the week (wait, it’s Wednesday already? Huh.) with some hot collage action! These excellent pieces come from the hands/mind of Jeffrey Meyer. You should be pleased to know you can find lots more (seriously, tons) at his website,, and pretty much everything is for sale. Plus, for the cash-strapped amongst you, at least one of the pieces can be yours free if you promise to sterilize yourself.

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Lucha Loco

Black Jaguar by Malcolm Venville

Ever since spending my Cinco de Mayo here in Chicago at an insane event known only as Mondo Lucha, I’ve had luchadores on the brain. So when news arrived in my mailbox that Lucha Loco was being re-issued, I was pretty jazzed.

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The Cupcake Cannon

Ever wondered what would happen if Johnny Cupcakes and the folks of Portland’s Kamp Grizzly hung out for a night (hint: they’d make a cupcake cannon)?

Well, wonder no more… they made a cupcake cannon. Even better, they filmed it. Now you too can witness the horror/ecstasy of willing participants being shot with cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles shot at 120psi.

Michael Wolf and The Photography of Street View

As a photographer, Michael Wolf focuses much of his work on capturing the atmosphere of urban living. In this project, Wolf combines that urban focus with the omnipresent eye-in-the-sky imagery of Google StreetView to create a new, compelling (and occasionally unsettling) view of life in Paris.

By sifting through what I can only imagine to be an immense amount of material, finding his subject/scenes, then blowing up, cropping and eventually re-photographing the images, Wolf is able to show “a city in which nearly everything has already been photographed” in a new and unique light.

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Bollyvinyl Records

The good folks from the Listen Recovery Crew put up a fantastic collection of Indian LP cover art last week, and since the url contains “part-1″ it leads me to believe they’re just getting started. There are some serious gems in there so be sure to check out their whole archive, then throw some B.R. Chopra movies on your Netflix queue and call it a day.

RVNG comes to those who wait

Well, the folks who were unable to secure a copy of Purple Brain, the insane mix CD + 7″ from the equally-insane-minds of Andre Bumrocks and Jason Convict!, released last June are in luck. The fine people at RVNG International recently unearthed exactly 56 copies of this mindbender of a mix, complete with the purple 7″ and the 22″ x 30″ poster.

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