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Ladies & Gentlemen is/was/is an all-encompassing arts magazine. It started as a physical release in 2001, accompanied with 12" record and screenprinted covers. It's been 4 years since it was last published, but don't let that stop you... buy one now!

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Hey, Check Out This Awesome Cover Art: AIDS Wolf

From time to time, I’ll see a record cover that makes me want to say to people, “Hey, check out this awesome cover art.” Thus, I am kicking the tires on a new feature called “Hey, check out this awesome cover art.” Enjoy!

AIDS Wolf - March To The Sea

March To The Sea
Artist: AIDS Wolf
Cover by: Seripop
Available in: LP/CD on SkinGraft Records
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Nick Butcher Interview

Chicago artist Nick Butcher continues to make remarkable contributions to the world of independent cultural production. While dedicated to solo projects as a musician, painter and sculptor,  he is also a collaborator and a community builder. Butcher runs the print shop Sonnenzimmer with his girlfriend/partner Nadine Nakanishi. There, the couple works primarily with bands to make limited-edition prints. Butcher and Nakanishi have also established the Chicago Printer’s Guild, the first-ever screen printers collective in Chicago.

This summer marks the fifth anniversary of Butcher’s first album, The Complicated Bicycle. This anniversary, along with the record’s re-release inspired the following interview.

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Xeroxed Eyelids and (Red) Girls

Tomorrow, I’m headed out to California for a little R&R (and drinks), so this post is sort of an “awesome things I’m going to hit up while in California for the next week” post. If you are in California, great (we’ll get drinks), if not… well…

First off, the Torrence Art Museum is hosting a Rich Jacobs curated show called “there is xerox on the insides of your eyelids.” It showcases the world of xerox art and skate zines from the 1980’s, featuring art and printed matters from the “original makers / xerox tweakers / stamp lickers / mail artists, and what they do now.” It’s been traveling for a bit, and all the photos have looked pretty insane, and I can only imagine the crew that will represent at the Torrence stop.

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Three New Andy Kehoe Prints

Spirit Of Dead Forests by Andy Kehoe

The always fantastic Andy Kehoe released 3 new limited edition giclee prints late last week, and as per usual, they are both rad and affordable.

As a sweet double bonus, he announced his “Punch The Economy In The Balls” sale, dropping the prices on a handful of his older prints. So, for all interested parties, now seems to be the opportune time to head over to his Etsy shoppe and take a look around.

Additionally, those of you unable to secure a Kehoe original over the years, I suggest following Mr. Kehoe on the ol’ Twitter. He has been known to announce on-sales for new original paintings there as well, rewarding the quickest amongst you with a great chance to finally get your hands on your very own piece.

New Sonnenzimmer prints up

Is there an artist out there that makes the work you wish you could? Someone that whenever you see something from them, it physically hurts because you love it so much but are so jealous that you can’t do it? Yeah, Sonnenzimmer is mine.

A bunch of new posters and prints were posted today. The print experiments are definitely my favorite. Check these two out:



New Richard Colman at New Image Art

Richard Colman at New Image Art

Those of you reading this in LA are some lucky, lucky bastards. You have the opportunity to see some brand new Richard Colman work at New Image Art. The show,”Keep Out the Light,” is his first solo show in LA in like 3 years, and the preview shots are as insane as you’d expect. The show will feature new paintings, sculptures and even a few site specific installations… so seriously, you better fucking go. Show info and a more previews are below.

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The Collage Work of Jeffrey Meyer

We’ll, we’re kicking off the week (wait, it’s Wednesday already? Huh.) with some hot collage action! These excellent pieces come from the hands/mind of Jeffrey Meyer. You should be pleased to know you can find lots more (seriously, tons) at his website,, and pretty much everything is for sale. Plus, for the cash-strapped amongst you, at least one of the pieces can be yours free if you promise to sterilize yourself.

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