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Ladies & Gentlemen is/was/is an all-encompassing arts magazine. It started as a physical release in 2001, accompanied with 12" record and screenprinted covers. It's been 4 years since it was last published, but don't let that stop you... buy one now!

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Vivian Maier: Out of the Dark Room

People who frequent thrift stores, junk shops, yard sales, and auctions often dream of coming across an undiscovered work by a famous artist.  In 2007, it happened—sort of—to Chicago real estate agent John Maloof when he purchased an archive of nearly 40,000 photos, negatives, and rolls of film at an auction. What he found was far more interesting and exciting than a little-known piece by a master; it was the entire catalog of the work of Vivian Maier, a French-born nanny who took photographs on the streets of Chicago and New York City, mostly in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Maloof began the arduous task of processing the film and sharing Maier’s remarkable work via a blog and a few other projects now in the works. He was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about his discovery.

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Michael Wolf and The Photography of Street View

As a photographer, Michael Wolf focuses much of his work on capturing the atmosphere of urban living. In this project, Wolf combines that urban focus with the omnipresent eye-in-the-sky imagery of Google StreetView to create a new, compelling (and occasionally unsettling) view of life in Paris.

By sifting through what I can only imagine to be an immense amount of material, finding his subject/scenes, then blowing up, cropping and eventually re-photographing the images, Wolf is able to show “a city in which nearly everything has already been photographed” in a new and unique light.

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