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Ladies & Gentlemen is/was/is an all-encompassing arts magazine. It started as a physical release in 2001, accompanied with 12" record and screenprinted covers. It's been 4 years since it was last published, but don't let that stop you... buy one now!

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The Cupcake Cannon

Ever wondered what would happen if Johnny Cupcakes and the folks of Portland’s Kamp Grizzly hung out for a night (hint: they’d make a cupcake cannon)?

Well, wonder no more… they made a cupcake cannon. Even better, they filmed it. Now you too can witness the horror/ecstasy of willing participants being shot with cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles shot at 120psi.

Johnny Kelly “Procrastination”

You might have recently seen his insanely awesome animated GIF work via his collaboration with Matthew Cooper on I Am Not An Artist, but Johnny Kelly also has some amazing other work of his own you should check out. I was particularly humbled by his “Procrastination” piece. Please procrastinate for another 5 minutes with me…

Major Lazer’s Keep it Going Louder = Summer Jam of the Year (Again)

Now, I realize this isn’t anything new, so don’t get all “old news, dude,” on me. The album has been out nearly a year, and the single dropped like 6 months ago. But in honor of Major Lazer’s recent blow through town, the fact that I’m grilling out on my roof tonight, and my all-out obsession with the song, it’s getting some belated post love.

Add “video directed by Eric Wareheim” to an already perfect song, and you have the complete multimedia package here folks. Just try to listen/watch without enjoying yourself, its impossible.

Congrats to Major Lazer, Ricky Blaze, and Nina Sky for still soundtracking my summer a full year later.

Major Lazer’s Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do is (still) out now.

When Pixels Attack

Chances are you saw “Pixels”, a short film by Patrick Jean, posted and/or shared in one of 1000 different places over the last couple of days, but on the small chance you haven’t, I’m reposting it here. It’s a great idea that’s flawlessly executed and 100% awesome. Enjoy.


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