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Best Worst Movie

Exciting things are happening in the world of terrible movies. After years of anticipation, Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the Troll 2 phenomenon, appears to finally be seeing the light of day.

Best Worst Movie Poster by Tyler Stout

Widely proclaimed to be the worst movie of all time (by the likes of IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and my parents) Troll 2 is the cinematic non-sequitur version of a non-sequel (about goblins) to, yes… Troll. This low-budget masterwork of ineptitude was filmed in Utah back in 1989 by an Italian film crew, directing a cast of inexperienced, non-Italian-speaking actors (including a dentist from Alabama). The result is a movie that is so lovably bad, it became a genuine worldwide phenomenon. If you haven’t yet seen Troll 2, immediately open a new browser window and head over to Hulu, where it is currently and inexplicably streaming in its entirety, then come back and finish reading up on this post.

Those already familiar with the horrible/wonderful world of Nilbog, will be happy to know that your favorite “pisser on hospitality,” now-grown child “star” Michael Paul Stephenson, tackled the Troll 2 phenomenon with his new documentary Best Worst Movie. In an attempt to figure out how and why it has become so universally loved, Stephenson explores Troll 2 through the personal stories of the actors, directors, and fans of the original film. While trailers for Best Worst Movie surfaced a few years ago, not much more was heard about the project. Now it’s complete, it has distribution, and it’s touring the country along with special guests at select screenings (Stephenson, Dr. George Hardy, and more TBA).

Tyler Stout (who also created the Lagmag logo you have come to love), was tapped to create the official one-sheet poster (shown above) for the screenings. Limited edition 6-color screened versions of the poster are still available via the movie’s webstore, along with some t-shirts for the real superfans. Be sure to check the official site for screening info, and since it isn’t coming to Chicago, let me know if your couch is available when it rolls through your town.

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