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Ladies & Gentlemen is/was/is an all-encompassing arts magazine. It started as a physical release in 2001, accompanied with 12" record and screenprinted covers. It's been 4 years since it was last published, but don't let that stop you... buy one now!

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Lucha Loco

Black Jaguar by Malcolm Venville

Ever since spending my Cinco de Mayo here in Chicago at an insane event known only as Mondo Lucha, I’ve had luchadores on the brain. So when news arrived in my mailbox that Lucha Loco was being re-issued, I was pretty jazzed.

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Vivian Maier: Out of the Dark Room

People who frequent thrift stores, junk shops, yard sales, and auctions often dream of coming across an undiscovered work by a famous artist.  In 2007, it happened—sort of—to Chicago real estate agent John Maloof when he purchased an archive of nearly 40,000 photos, negatives, and rolls of film at an auction. What he found was far more interesting and exciting than a little-known piece by a master; it was the entire catalog of the work of Vivian Maier, a French-born nanny who took photographs on the streets of Chicago and New York City, mostly in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Maloof began the arduous task of processing the film and sharing Maier’s remarkable work via a blog and a few other projects now in the works. He was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about his discovery.

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The Cupcake Cannon

Ever wondered what would happen if Johnny Cupcakes and the folks of Portland’s Kamp Grizzly hung out for a night (hint: they’d make a cupcake cannon)?

Well, wonder no more… they made a cupcake cannon. Even better, they filmed it. Now you too can witness the horror/ecstasy of willing participants being shot with cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles shot at 120psi.

Michael Wolf and The Photography of Street View

As a photographer, Michael Wolf focuses much of his work on capturing the atmosphere of urban living. In this project, Wolf combines that urban focus with the omnipresent eye-in-the-sky imagery of Google StreetView to create a new, compelling (and occasionally unsettling) view of life in Paris.

By sifting through what I can only imagine to be an immense amount of material, finding his subject/scenes, then blowing up, cropping and eventually re-photographing the images, Wolf is able to show “a city in which nearly everything has already been photographed” in a new and unique light.

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Bollyvinyl Records

The good folks from the Listen Recovery Crew put up a fantastic collection of Indian LP cover art last week, and since the url contains “part-1″ it leads me to believe they’re just getting started. There are some serious gems in there so be sure to check out their whole archive, then throw some B.R. Chopra movies on your Netflix queue and call it a day.

RVNG comes to those who wait

Well, the folks who were unable to secure a copy of Purple Brain, the insane mix CD + 7″ from the equally-insane-minds of Andre Bumrocks and Jason Convict!, released last June are in luck. The fine people at RVNG International recently unearthed exactly 56 copies of this mindbender of a mix, complete with the purple 7″ and the 22″ x 30″ poster.

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Absolutely Massive Jack Rose Tribute Compilation Released

Jack Rose

This last December, guitarist Jack Rose tragically passed away of a heart attack at the age of 38. Aside from being one of the most masterful guitar players I’ve ever seen, Jack was also one of the nicest and most genuine people I ever had the opportunity to work with. In addition to his well-documented awesomeness as both a person and a musician, he was also a prodigious music fan (who introduced me to a few records I still count as my favorites) and staunch supporter of the underground music community, of which he was such an integral part.

Earlier this week, a phenomenal tribute project was announced by the folks at Three Lobed Recordings. Honest Strings: A Tribute to the Life and Work of Jack Rose, is a download-only “record,” that can only be described as massive. It clocks in at over six and a half hours (yes, 6.5 hours) of new contributions from friends and people inspired by his staggering talent.

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Best Worst Movie

Exciting things are happening in the world of terrible movies. After years of anticipation, Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the Troll 2 phenomenon, appears to finally be seeing the light of day.

Best Worst Movie Poster by Tyler Stout

Widely proclaimed to be the worst movie of all time (by the likes of IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and my parents) Troll 2 is the cinematic non-sequitur version of a non-sequel (about goblins) to, yes… Troll. This low-budget masterwork of ineptitude was filmed in Utah back in 1989 by an Italian film crew, directing a cast of inexperienced, non-Italian-speaking actors (including a dentist from Alabama). The result is a movie that is so lovably bad, it became a genuine worldwide phenomenon. If you haven’t yet seen Troll 2, immediately open a new browser window and head over to Hulu, where it is currently and inexplicably streaming in its entirety, then come back and finish reading up on this post.

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Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma Special 4/20″ Radio Broadcast

Flying Lotus Cosmogramma

One of the most anticipated records of 2010, Flying Lotus‘ 3rd full length Cosmogramma, will be released to the world on May 3rd. However, as a special treat for everyone on this, the 20th of April, ol’ FlyLo is doing a live radio broadcast over at Dublab. He’ll be showcasing a few chosen tracks from the upcoming record, and bringing a handful of his Brainfeeder pals (The Gaslamp Killer,  Ras G, Daedelus, etc) along with him. Sounds like a party, right? EDIT: Well, get on it, since that shit is starting NOW (2pm CST).

Just as an additional FYI, FlyLo & Dublab suggest you “enjoy the broadcast in a way fitting for the occasion.”

Listen, chat and connect to the video stream at, and check after the jump for bonus exclusive pre-order art from FlyLo himself.

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Four Tet Live at Le Poisson Rouge

Four Tet

There is Love in You, the latest release from Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) had been on fairly constant rotation for me since it came out back in January. Interestingly, the first thing to unseat it was this 84 minute live set from his There is Love in You tour stop at Le Poisson Rouge in New York.

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